Costco Caskets


Purchasing a casket following the passing of a loved one can be an expensive proposition and one which leaves a bitter taste.  Funeral homes will often have a range of expensive options available and without the ability to “shop around” family can feel like a trapped and captive purchaser.

For residents of the Greater Toronto Area, Costco now offers caskets available for immediate delivery (so no need to buy and store in your basement with the 5 gallons of olive oil).

Walker Caskets

The manufacturers of Walker Caskets have over 30 years of experience with wood construction. Walker Caskets are manufactured in accordance with the premium standards and features that meet or exceed caskets typically sold in funeral homes. Walker Caskets is devoted to quality assurance and complete satisfaction.


•Material: Maple veneer

•Finish: Cherry

•Interior: Crepe

•Swing bar handles

•Adjustable bed and mattress


It appears from the website that delivery throughout most of the GTA can take place on a same day basis.  However there are a number of restrictions and conditions.


The listed price including expedited shipping in the Greater Toronto Area is $1,299.99 (at the time of writing this article).


This is a worthwhile cost-savings option that some clients may wish to explore.


Prepared by Ismail Barmania of Barmania-Lawyers