Children generally reside primarily with one parent.  Access is the visiting schedule of the children with the non-residential parent.  A parenting schedule is established, through negotiation or through a court proceeding, where the children have regular visits with the access parent, and defined holidays.  The schedule can be as flexible as required depending on the family’s situtaiton.

In certain circumstances,  where it is not in the best interest of the children to be alone with the parent, the parties may agree or the court may order that access take place at a Supervised Access Centre.  This is a government run facility where the parent can meet with the children.  As the name suggests, the access is supervised by trained employees of the centre.  The Supervised Access Centre can also be used as a pick up and drop off point for the children, when the parents are in a high conflict situation.  There is a fee for using the Supervised Access Centre, and the parties must be accepted to the program.