Corporate / Commercial Law

Setting up a Business

Incorporation/ Partnership/ Sole Proprietorship

Establishing a business, whether by yourself or with others is an exciting time, laden with excitement and optimism (and just about every other emotion that exists, often more than one at the same time).

Your lawyer is one of the essential tools to getting you through this process and fair and reasonable legal fees are one of the expenses associated with getting your business off to a good start.

Your business is an investment which grows.  It is important to preserve and protect your investment from the beginning. One of the assets of your business is its goodwill.  There is a value associated with the good name and reputation your business will develop.  This goodwill can be protected through:

  • Registration of Corporate and/or business names;
  • Registration of Trademarks;
  • Proper contracts.

Unfortunately, the optimism of early start ups often fade over time.  In some cases the business is an instant success and this results in greed and competition within the company.  In other cases the business is a struggle and results in fear and recrimination between the partners.  Regardless of the cause, having a good Partnership or Shareholders Agreement provides stability and predictability for adding new partners or getting rid of old ones.

A good business-owner should plan to avoid costly and disruptive disputes and litigation.