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Contracts & Agreements

A good contract clearly defines the rights and obligations of the parties.  A good contract also anticipates potential difficulties and issues which may arise.

There is a tendency among business people (who draft their own contracts) to only provide for what will happen if everything goes as planned.  Unfortunately, things sometimes do not go as planned.  This is where a good contract will provide for a stable and predictable method of resolving issues.

Improperly drafted contracts are at the root of a great deal of business related litigation.  Litigation is costly and can be unpredictable.  If possible litigation should be avoided.  Good contracts are an excellent way of limiting litigation.  Even good contracts cannot always anticipate every scenario and litigation can result.

We can assist you in drafting and reviewing contracts.


Hiring employees, with or without a written agreement, creates an employment contract.  As with all contracts, a good contract clearly defines the rights and obligations of the parties.

Employment is a contract which is complicated by specific legislation such as the Employment Standards Act.  This legislation deals with matters such as vacation pay and establishes minimum standards for how employees are to be treated (such as when being dismissed).  It is important that the minimum legal standards are met.  Failure to do so can result in involvement of the Labour Board or other government bodies.

We can assist you in drafting employment contracts.