Legal Action (Tort Claim)

You may have the right to sue another person for additional claims and damages, IF you meet the following criteria:

If the accident was the fault of another person – this could be the driver of a vehicle in which you were a passenger or the driver of another vehicle.

You must have sustained injuries which are serious and permanent.  This is commonly called “The Threshold”.  Whether or not an individual meets the threshold will often depend upon

If you are found to have met The Threshold, you may be entitled to claim for certain financial losses, such as additional loss of income not covered by your Accident Benefits and general damages for pain and suffering.

Your injuries will be assessed based on the medical evidence and a value assigned based on your individual situation and similar cases.

The law then provides for a deductible of $30,000 from this assessment.

In order to successfully pursue a legal action you must:

Sustain an injury which is both "serious" and "permanent" (ie. "Meet The Threshold"); and The value of the injuries must exceed the applicable deductible.

Whether you are likely to "meet the threshold" and the value of your injuries are both legal matters.  You must see an experience lawyer to get advice on these issues.   We offer you the expertise to guide you through a complex legal system which is stacked heavily in favor of insurance companies and against claimants.

We offer sound and straight-forward legal advice so that you are properly informed to make the decision to enter the legal process and ultimately to resolve your case or proceed to trial.