Slip and Fall Accidents

Occupiers of property have legal duty to keep their premises reasonably safe for use by others.

Similarly, users have an obligation to take reasonable precautions for their own safety.

Building codes, design standards and even internal policies can be useful to determine whether reasonable standards have been met.  For example, a supermarket may have an internal policy that spills are regularly cleaned up, if they do not comply with their own cleanliness policy they may be found liable to a customer who slips and falls.  Similarly if railings, ramps, stairs or other design features do not meet building code standards this can be evidence that they were unsafe for reasonable use.

If the accident is partially your own fault, the law provides for a reduction for “Contributory Negligence”.  Based on the facts an “apportionment” of liability will be assessed.  In other words if the accident is found to be 10% your own fault, you can still recover 90% of your damages from the occupier of the property.

There are strict “Notice Requirements” for injuries sustained on municipal property.  It is imperative that you seek legal advice at your earliest opportunity.

If you have been injured on someone else’s property you may have a claim for damages.

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